Rubic’s cube – solving the last layer

Let’s solve the last layer of the Rubic’s cube!

In previous posts I show how we can solve the cube:
Post 1 – First layer
Post 2 – Algorithm explanation
Post 3 – Using the algorithms (layer 2)

In this, the last post, I’ll show you how to solve the last and hardest layer.

1. Create a yellow cross in the last layer using the algorithm:
if you have the following placement of yellow bits:
2012-09-26 14.36.11or using
if you have the following yellow placements:
2012-09-26 14.36.27
2. Place the four corner bits on the correct places using:
2012-09-26 14.36.59
3. Flip three corners up to complete the yellow layer using:
2012-09-26 14.39.58
2012-09-26 14.39.18
4. Fix the middle pieces in the last layer by applying:
2012-09-26 14.41.19

File transfer mac to pc and pc to mac

Tonights assignment was to once and for all enable file transfers from my pc to my mac and vice versa. Here’s some nice pages i used:

Now I access a shared Mac folder on the PC by typing \\ and selecting e.g. “MACBBOOKPRO-8A…”. Then I select the shared mac folder.

I access a PC folder on the Mac by writing smb://pcname/sharedfoldername and the Windows login credentials.

Words in Cormac McCarthy’s “Blood Meridian”

Right now I’m reading Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy. It’s really immersing but many words just go way above my head. So instead of letting them pass by, and me being non the wiser, this time I’m going to look up the words and present them here.

In my word-understanding-quest I found this nice site with background facts that the book just mention on the fly. If you have that site and my word list on your side while reading the book, the book might be more rewarding. :)

Chapter one:
Scullery fire, a fire in a utility/bathing/cooking room.
Visage, face.
Parricide, parental killer.
Teamster, horse cabbie.
Batboard jake, rough outhouse.

Chapter two:
Bungstarter, sledgehammer for opening wine barrels.
Burro, small donkey.
Buzzard, medium sized bird of prey.

Chapter three:
Wattled huts, weaving of thin branches.
Onyx, volcanic type of rock.
Scatlin, timber used to frame houses or boats.
Fowl, bird group, e.g. chickens.
Filibuster, unauthorized group of people that want to throw away the government in another country, e.g. Mexico.

Chapter four:
Raillery, good-humoured mocking/joking.
Truculent, savage/deadly.
Sutler, civil merchant selling to the army from a wagon.
Mortices, holes that the spokes of the wheel go in.
Pumice, vulcanic rock.
Cordilleras, mountain ranges.
Jacal, house type.
Corral, animal enclosure.
Sotols, distilled spirits.
Farrier, specialist in horse hoof care.
Brimstone, sulphur.
Sodomized, human to animal sex.

Chapter five:
Talus slides, accumulation of broken rock fragments below for instance a rock face.

Installera LaTeX på windows

LaTeX är ett typsättningsverktyg/språk som används för att skapa snygga dokument, t.ex: examensarbeten, rapporter och böcker. Här kommer en liten lista på hur man sätter upp en LaTeX-miljö på sin windows-dator:

Ladda hem MikTeX gratis härifrån.

Installationen sker automatiskt och tar minst fem minuter.

Öppna sedan TeXworks programmet och öppna ett .tex-dokument.

För att generera ett PDF dokument från editorn ändra till “pdfLatex” uppe till vänster och sedan på den gröna play-ikonen. Klart! Förvånansvärt enkelt! :)

Tänk på att generera dokument i UTF-8 format så att ÅÄÖ kan visas i texten. Dokumenten ska även vara sparade i UTF-8 format, för att säkerställa att man har det kan man använda programmet TextPad, som finns att ladda ner gratis här.

Ett bra, klassiskt dokument om hur man formaterar sina TeX-dokument finns här.