Rubic’s cube – solving the last layer

Let’s solve the last layer of the Rubic’s cube!

In previous posts I show how we can solve the cube:
Post 1 – First layer
Post 2 – Algorithm explanation
Post 3 – Using the algorithms (layer 2)

In this, the last post, I’ll show you how to solve the last and hardest layer.

1. Create a yellow cross in the last layer using the algorithm:
if you have the following placement of yellow bits:
2012-09-26 14.36.11or using
if you have the following yellow placements:
2012-09-26 14.36.27
2. Place the four corner bits on the correct places using:
2012-09-26 14.36.59
3. Flip three corners up to complete the yellow layer using:
2012-09-26 14.39.58
2012-09-26 14.39.18
4. Fix the middle pieces in the last layer by applying:
2012-09-26 14.41.19

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