New year – project statuses

MultiMaze Android game

Throughout the fall and winter I’ve been implementing Google Play Games Services to add leaderboards and achievements to the game. To get it working was quite simple but as always there are special cases to be dealt with that’s causing “delays”. For instance, the player must be signed in to Google Plus in the app to be able to unlock achievements but if the player unlocks achievements while not logged in the player’ll want to unlock them the next time he/she logs in!

I’ve also added NFC setup of Bluetooth sessions! It’s pretty damn cool!

Future tasks: Add Play Games Realtime-multiplayer support. SHOULD not be that hard but there’ll obviously be hard cases I haven’t thought about… Also, I’d like to add sound effects and a soundtrack to the game. The other major task is to add a third level to the game – the lava-level! :D

Sundsvall ÅVC Android app

Before christmas I released a new version of the app with improved notifications for when it’s time to roll out the garbage containers. I’ve also improved the inputting of data to the server and pushing of data to GCM/clients. I’ve posted one Sundsvall ÅVC-ad on the local recycling station. No new users though.

Future tasks: Make the startup-ad in the app dynamic with images and link. Post more ads on the recycling stations in the city. :)

Project Run Sundsvall website

This fall/winter I’ve made long due improvements to the inputting of data to the server. Now it’s much easier to push a new track to the server so hopefully I’ll update my running tracks/event much more frequently in the future!

Future tasks: Add controls to the main page of the project. For example make it possible to see only the last three months or last year or a specific year and so on. It would also be nice to be able to filter on track-type (e.g. only from home to home).

GridPaint Android app

After the summer I made a total re-haul of the pattern-making-app using LibGDX (an OpenGL wrapper/library). I got cool mirroring functionality working but there were some bugs that I didn’t have the determination to push through so the project is put on hold…

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