Android MOGA Game controller implementation

I’ve started looking on implementing the MOGA game controller to MultiMaze!

To get something working I ripped out the controller logic from a sample project downloaded from here
controller-sdk-std-1.3.1 2/controller-sdk-std-

Now I’m not using the standard Android InputDevice method but a MOGA library. My dream was to implement the MOGA controller and then MultiMaze would kind-of support all controllers but this will not be the case with this solution.

So I got the actual game logic to work with the controller, i.e. moving north, east, south, west, up, down and back, using the D(irectional)-PAD and the A(up/down) and B(back) buttons. Now I’ve got to make a nice solution so that the user can also navigate the menus and dialogs.

Progress so far:

Good MOGA Pro Controller FAQ

Here’s a good intro to Android game controllers:

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