MultiMaze alpha v4 – new player graphics, boosters and korean version

Yesterday I released the fourth MultiMaze alpha test version. It contains new player graphics, boosters(!!!) and a version google translated to korean.

Since the release on 20 december some 40 people have downloaded the game. The game has been played a lot in Istanbul, New Dehli and Chicago. It’s a blast to see the game spread across the globe!

Some upcoming features are boosters in multiplayer mode, level completed dialogs and better graphics.

Download here

File transfer mac to pc and pc to mac

Tonights assignment was to once and for all enable file transfers from my pc to my mac and vice versa. Here’s some nice pages i used:

Now I access a shared Mac folder on the PC by typing \\ and selecting e.g. “MACBBOOKPRO-8A…”. Then I select the shared mac folder.

I access a PC folder on the Mac by writing smb://pcname/sharedfoldername and the Windows login credentials.