Designing Distributed Systems by Brendan Burns


In January I attended the Microsoft LEAP conference in Seattle. One of the speakers were Brendan Burns. He gave a talk of the benefits and pitfalls of Kubernetes. Which he is a cocreator of....

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First 3D-print


Ordered a 3D-printer for work and this is my first print....

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Built gravity racer


This weekend me and the children built our first gravity racer....

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Duolingo streak


I’m studying Spanish in the Duolingo app. Currently I’m in a 85 day steak! Feels good!...

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Rubik’s cube cheat sheet


Here’s my Rubik’s cube cheat sheet:...

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Esp32 cam


Just ordered three little esp32 boards with cameras from Banggood!...

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New site with GatsbyJS


It was time to update my site and it seems as if React won the frontend javascript war between React and Angular (and Vue), therefore it seemed like a good idea to learn it....

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Test of gist and image


We want to be able to show github-gists in the blog. This is a test....

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